All The World’s a Stage

Cancelled event? Postponed presentation? Go digital. We offer creative solutions to remotely capture, stream and package new content.

We can help with that important global meeting, your upcoming staff sales training, or perhaps your public organization needs to communicate with a group of citizens, members… or even students. Our expert live and on demand remote content capture services have long been on offer and are now taking front stage to help with both for your internal and external comms. 

Our world-class artists can add cool motion graphics, voiceovers and motion branding to make your webinar shine. We swiftly set this up and can run it both locally and globally. If you need to build your own streaming studio with branded backdrops, we can have our staff on location full-time to support you on short notice. The cherry on top? We also offer B2B clients media buying to boost views. 

Do more

When you have the material you’ve produced, whether it’s a webinar or a live streamed event – why not communicate useful insights or powerful highlights in other channels and platforms as well?

We help you cut down your material to multiple versions and distribute internally or on your social media channels via earned and paid media to drive relevant traffic to your site.

Our Masters & Delivery department can distribute the live stream or on demand version to news rooms or TV-stations worldwide. We can also help create press-kits for media to download.

Engage your audience 

Live streaming you event gives you endless possibilities to interact with your audience to a higher extent than having the event live. Solutions ranging from a real-time chat function to votings and audience response meters can easily be implemented.

Knowing your audience is key. We’ll provide you with the relevant statistics directly via dashboards or afterwards using Google Analytics.


For over a year, Chimney’s Digital Director Patric Römbo has been advising blue chip brands on the benefits of remote working through video conferences and webinars. Now Patric believes the current COVID-19 contingency plans will open eyes throughout the industry to the benefits of remote working, and that we will see it widely used long after Coronavirus has subsided.

“At Chimney, remote working is something that we’ve been interested in for quite some time, not just for ourselves but also for our clients. We’ve long been persuaded by the advantages the practice brings, with one study showing that employees are 77% more productive when working from home.

That’s not to mention the mental health benefits, cutting out the commute that 55% of office workers identified as a factor in their increased stress levels.”

Digital Director Patric Römbo



Chimney has its own ready-for-broadcast studios centrally located at Skeppsbron 38 in Stockholm, with similar solutions at Chimney in Gothenburg, Malmö and our other international offices. 

In Stockholm, our main studio has its own entrance to ensure semi privacy but also to help avoid contact with other people at times when there is a risk of infection, such as coronavirus.

The studio features two cameras – one for full screen and another to follow what is happening, just as viewers are accustomed to from news broadcasts on TV. The required number of wireless microphones are available to ensure perfect and clear sound.

The studio is also equipped with a defined space for personnel participating in the product unit, from which questions from viewers and other practical matters can be handled.




Creative disruptors, taste-makers, and innovators are ready to join forces with you.

It’s clear  people are spending more time on digital devices than ever. The audience is there, so creative  need to be smarter as competition grows. We can help produce digital deliverables such as banners, social posts  en masse. Need large volumes of content? We can quickly set up a small team of dedicated content producers, writers, and Art Directors to work for you – a cost-efficient option to tying up resources to engage  freelancers.


Create content with the same insightful messaging using different tactics.

Had a live-action production postponed or cancelled?  Create content with the same insightful messaging using  different visual tactics. We’ll build your content from the ground up using our skilled designers, animators, CG and motion graphics artists. 


With on-set live streaming, you can supervise shoots, communicate with the crew, and review takes in real time… all from your laptop.

Despite flights being cancelled and borders being closed, you can still get your production done on time. Our Stockholm office is currently able to shoot with small crews. We provide on-set solutions, allowing us to stream from set to any remote location with web cameras set up to allow you to communicate directly with the director, producer, and other key players on set. Our global footprint means we can offer you access to shoots in several different countries – without you or anyone on your team needing to travel or leave home. With on-set live streaming, you can supervise shoots, communicate with the crew, and review takes in real time… all from your laptop. 


Give your existing assets a whole new look adding VFX, CGI, stock footage, color grading, editorial or motion graphics.

You’re probably sitting on a goldmine of raw assets, produced content and access to stock footage libraries.  Tell meaningful stories through creative editorial. Enhance imagery with motion graphics, CG, VFX, animated titles or illustration. Replace environments,  refresh existing ones. Change tones through color grade.

Your first cut just got a second life.