Love & Anarchy

Do you dare to dare?

The upcoming Swedish Netflix series Love & Anarchy invites us to a fresh take on office drama with stars Ida Engvoll, Björn Mosten, Gizem Erdogan, Björn Kjellman and many more.

 Our Stockholm team spiced up the drama by bringing its award-winning talent to the table with editing, sound, grade and VFX.

Produced by FLX and directed by Lisa Langseth, the series premieres on Netflix November 4th.

Watch the trailer:

The Chimney Talent

Editor: Henrik Källberg, SFK
Sound Supervisor: Tom Van Heesch, Nicklas Lindh
Colorist: Mats Holmgren, C.S.I


Director: Lisa Langseth
Director of Photography: Ulf Brantås
Producer: Frida Asp, Fatima Varhos
Production Company: FLX
Distributor: Netflix

The eight part series features Sofie, a career driven consultant and married mother of two. When Sofie gets an assignment to modernize an old publishing house she meets young IT tech Max, and an unexpected flirting game begins. Sofie and Max secretly challenge each other to do things that question modern day life. It starts innocently enough, but as the game gets more and more daring the consequences grow beyond proportions.