How do you fit an entire casino stocked with slot machines, wild bellhops, a marching band and a full-size adult lion onto a moving truck on a bridge without it collapsing? Answer? You don’t!

Our VFX team created the entire Springfield environment in CG. We modeled, textured, and lit the iconic Springfield Bridge, created CG water, did digital matte paintings for all of the skies and the city skylines, created confetti FX and comped everything together to get an exciting, photo-real result.

Originally, the spot was supposed to be shot outdoors on a runway in Budapest which would have given us practical skies and foreground elements such as the road but due to bad weather, the entire shoot was moved indoors at the last minute.

Tech stats:

Over 100 days render time
500 million polygons
200 handcrafted textures

The Talent

Client: MGM
Agency: McCann
Production co: Serial Pictures
Director: Christian Larson
VFX & Color: Chimney
VFX Supervisor: Peter Törnestam
CG Supervisor: Martin Törnestedt
Colorist: Vincent Taylor
Post Producer: Sabrina Harrison