Chimney Producer Erin McBean selected for Screen Australia Doco 180 grant.


Chimney Producer Erin McBean has been announced today as a one of the 5 female filmmaker teams of the Screen Australia Doco 180 grant.

The Doco 180 grant is where with a maximum 180 seconds, the recipients must create documentaries designed to make viewers ‘do a 180’ on topics important to Australian women.

Director Erin McBean and writer Holly Zwalf (NSW) will create Mother/Lover. 

Both a meditation on the intersections of motherhood and sexuality, and a “How To” guide to dating as a single parent, the film explores the unexpected issues that face women who are changing the face of motherhood, from a fresh (and funny) perspective. It’s not so much about the decision to have a baby on your own but rather the practical ramifications of that choice once you can even vaguely entertain the idea of dating again. Why date when you’re not looking for a partner? And how do you fit it all in?

The film asks: Can you be a solo mum and still have it all? And what exactly does it mean, these days, to truly ‘have it all’?

Each team will receive $6,000 to bring their project to life and will be supported by a Screen Australia Investment Development Manager through the entirety of the process.

The Doco 180 selected projects will be housed on and its associated social channels exclusively for 12 months from October 2018.