Chimney provided remote production in Cape Town, South Africa – with a 2nd unit in NYC Following the bubbles shot live on set, Chimney created a CG bubble system to match the practical bubbles and have the reflections accurately portray their environments. They were 3D tracked and compositited into the scenes. We also completed general cleanup/VFX for various shots.

The Challenge

The creative was designed to shoot in New York City but due to COVID-19 restrictions, Chimney had to figure out a way to complete the shoot so that the creative concept, “Raise Health”, would not be compromised.

The Solution

Shot main scenes in Cape Town, South Africa using remote production with a smaller second unit shooting in NYC. The Chimney VFX team simultaneously produced a CG bubble to symbolize the “Raise Health” concept in an iconic and memorable symbol that appears throughout the campaign across multiple backgrounds.

Watch the campaign:

The Chimney Talent

Director: Johan Polham
EP: Jake Loonan
Head Of Production: Julie Hershan
Post Producer: Mike Seabrooke
Editor: Glenn Conte
VFX Lead: Sam O’Hare
Colorist: Lez Rudge
Conform: Kody Wescott
CG/Compositors: Anthony Jones, Carmine LaMorte & Felix Thedeby

The Client

Agency: StrawberryFrog

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