A groundbreaking platform enabling Pfizer to navigate strict regulations


Pfizer faced a huge communication challenge. Strict new EU regulations prevented direct marketing of pharmaceuticals to HCPs. Specifically, the new rules prevented films from being published openly on social media platforms.

“How can you communicate to your target audience if new rules prevent you from actively contacting them?”



To navigate the new EU regulations, understanding how HCPs consume content was essential. Over 150 hour-long interviews with HCPs were done to understand: what are the preferred forms of communication? What are their browsing habits? What type of content were they drawn to and when were they most likely to watch it?



Chimney’s deep analysis established moving content was by far the preferred media format. If social media platforms such as YouTube can’t be used to distribute and access content, then why not create your own platform?

Pfizer Play became that platform.

Chimney conceived and designed “Pfizer Play”, an online platform serving as a resource and knowledge hub for HCPs seeking to learn more about Pfizer products, and for KOLs to communicate the latest technology and trends.


Search engine optimization (SEO) used to drive traffic to Pfizer Play.

Now, driving traffic to a portal that provided invaluable and engaging content ensured HCPs were making the first point of contact with Pfizer. Pfizer was then free to continue that conversation.


Content tailored for the audience and the subject.

In order to avoid skipping critical content, certain videos had to be watched before access was granted for further parts of the clips, ensuring HCP’s have the full story on any medical technique or drugs.

Pfizer Play is the first of its kind in the pharmaceutical industry. Chimney’s deep understanding of audience engagement turned the restrictive ‘first point of contact’ rule to an advantage over Pfizer’s competitors.

A groundbreaking content portal that flipped the pharmaceutical selling model on its head.

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