Pfizer is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Chimney Sweden worked with Pfizer Nordic on this project.

The Challenge

Due to regulations, conferences are today a less effective way of communicating with physicians. Instead, valuable, entertaining and educational content needs to be presented on digital channels. 


We quickly realized that the optimal first step was to divide users into two key groups: The Clinician and The Researcher. We then consciously developed material based on which target group we would build communication for, based on their needs and interests.

To get a better understanding of what communication channel would be the most effective, we looked into when and how our customers educate themselves. Some seek information online, others listen to podcasts, some read articles, etc.

The Solution

We developed a user friendly platform to reach our customers in a variety of ways, Pfizer Play—a video content hub engaging and educating physicians on relevant topics. 

Three categories were implemented to ensure the right tone and the right depth of material for each group: Immersion, Stay up to Date and Solve the Problem.

The Impact

Pfizer Play made it easy to navigate between videos and podcasts, providing both live and recorded webinars from congresses and key events.

In doing so, we effectively brought congress information directly to our users.