Bold statement, we know. But we’ll take it.

Chimney was recognized at the “New York Festivals Global Awards” for our production and post-production/VFX role in the award-winning Xeljanz, “Living the Nightmare”, commercial for rheumatoid arthritis. The global award was in the pain management category, with the spot produced by Chimney Sydney after being approached by Grey Health Group to work on the campaign.


The campaign was tasked to raise awareness for Rheumatoid Arthritis, but direct advertising for prescription medication is forbidden in Australia. As most sufferers do not display visible symptoms, the challenge was to effectively communicate the invisible disease.


Chimney rose to the challenge, adapting the original script to first person POV and working closely with Grey Health Group to ensure the symptoms were visually communicated in every shot. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a disease where pain is internalized and experienced on a very personal level. The POV solution and amplification of the in-camera and visual effects elements enable the viewer to experience the debilitating effects of the disease.


With an overwhelmingly positive response, the video received 100,000+ organic views within the first phase of release. With 40,000+ Facebook shares and 1,000+ comments, the campaign was successful in raising awareness of Rheumatoid Arthritis amongst the Australian community and providing sufferers with content they can identify with.


Client: Pfizer/Xeljanz
Agency: Sudler/(formerly Grey Health Group)
DOP: Ben Shirley
Executive Producer: Bo Thorp
Producer: Rosie Parker
Editor: Johan Polhem
Sound: Rumble Studios
Post Production/VFX: Chimney/Haymaker

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