To be one of the “big four” means big brand challenges: We’re on it.

Following the launch of two new services related to digital transformation, cyber security and customer experience, PwC were in need of a solid promotional launching pad. When promoting new offerings, most professional services firms spend thousands of euros producing expensive movies and broadcasting them to the public. But they often forget some key points: the complexity of their services, that they need to speak their audience’s language, and that they need to publish content where their customers will find it.


PwC Sweden decided to sponsor Sime 2016, a two-day digital transformation conference. Chimney was approached to activate the sponsorship both prior and following the event in order to attract leads to a dedicated landing page.

Rather than produce a single movie and concentrating spending on media, Chimney laid out an elaborate content strategy and activation plan consisting of film versions in different formats for different platforms and target audiences.


The outcome was 50-second films for the landing page and YouTube and shorter cuts for Facebook, TrueView and Instagram, all based on the target group’s usage of these channels.

Thanks to our lead generation capabilities and with a mere EUR 500 spent on media, PwC was able to generate:

182 qualified leads to the campaign site

45,000 exposures within one week

90,000 by the end of the month

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