The Perpetual Office

This Rekomo ad was both produced and post-produced by our Chimney Gothenburg office, which was thrilled to work on a project with sustainability and our precious planet in mind.

While many have only recently joined the ‘sustainability bandwagon’, Rekomo has been selling used furniture since the early 1990s. For this latest commercial, Gothenburg-based advertising agency Milk turned to Chimney for help — and Chimney was thrilled at this production and post production help.

“We loved the challenging idea they brought forth,” VFX Supervisor Andreas Hylander from Chimney said. “The idea was to get furniture to appear in different office settings in a perpetual cycle, representing how the same piece of furniture could be used, and re-used. The project was made even more challenging by the fact that we needed to build these offices outdoors, in the middle of nature, to suit the environmental thinking that Rekomo stands for.”

To best suit this recycle theme, the spot was customized to be played almost exclusively on channels where videos are looped. The film and voice-over thus roll seamlessly—relaunching right when they end, over and over again.

The result was a huge success, with the film being well received by both the agency and the client, Rekomo, alike.

It was a pleasure to work with Milk and Rekomo on such a fun and challenging project with such an important theme!

The Talent

Producer: Andreas Hylander
Director: Christian Berg
DOP and colorist: Antonio Ikovic
Sound: Marco Lopez
Production Manager: Olle Wirenhed
Set design: Gilles Balabaud

Therese Kockum
Emil Synneby
Niklas Kylberg

Gabriella Moberg
Ola Linder
Niklas Olovsson
Anders Malm