Many of our long term clients are retailers. Chimney is privately owned by several entrepreneurs, so we understand the value of not only delivering cool stuff, but really focusing on KPIs and driving sales.

Working with retailers is exactly what we love – both challenging and inspiring.  They are often big advertisers, requiring more channels to communicate than others, have more target groups and also work according to omni channel strategies if they have stores as well.

All clients are different, so our work varies. We may do highly creative tier 1 brand campaigns for some, while build dedicated teams with studios to manage thousands of outputs monthly for others. For most, we become and extension of their marketing department, sharing the same targets and KPIs.


Our own in-house media buying department means that even if we don’t manage the media buying, we have the expertise needed to work with existing agencies and we know what works in what channel, when and towards which target groups. We pride ourselves on being pro active and using all data available to optimize running campaigns constantly and see what works – or not – and adjust accordingly to improve conversion.

Retailers that partner with Chimney benefit from our internal tech and processes specifically designed to support creativity, since nothing creates more value than a big idea. Relying on data and optimizing daily is simply not enough – curves flatten out sometimes.

Expertise far & beyond

Partners first


So how are we different to other partners?

We are a partner, not a supplier. We are experts in all digital channels. We win awards for our creativity, while also being very process and workflow focused and using our platform Edisen to scale content. Our mission is to help brands to simplify complexity and generate growth.

We are more excited with the challenge of increasing store visits by 5%, than to just produce a TVC. We love implementing new workflows to help clients improve marketing in different markets, while remaining on-brand.

We are excited about delivering 1,000 outputs a week, and not just one a month. All of this is possible since we have combined creativity and technology and eliminated manual work via automated processes.


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