Schibsted is an international media group with 7,800 employees and operations in 29 countries.

The Challenge

Recruiting the right employee is key for Schibsted and they are always looking for new talent. In 2013, they decided they needed to amp up their employee branding communication.

They approached Chimney seeking engaging content that could attract the best future employees and would work on all communication platforms.

The Solution

The solution: employee branding films.

We wanted to give a true picture of life at Schibsted, so we shot a film showing a day of work through project manager David’s point of view. The ambition was to capture how young, spirited and global Schibsted is, so the film was shot at the Stocholm office and the extras were all actual Schibsted employees.

The Impact

The film quickly became a success with thousands of views on social media. In fact, Schibsted were so happy with the film, they asked us to create another film for their trainee program, this time.

This time, we followed Alexandra for a day. She told us about life as a trainee and the opportunities that lie ahead when you’ve completed the program. Chimney also composed the music pieces for both films, to give it just the right vibe.

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