William, played by Malte Myrenberg Gårdinger, is fifteen years old and seems to have the perfect life. He has a lot of friends, a large following on social media and a strong moral. He seems so happy and confident, but it’s only because he never would want anyone to know how he really feels and how his anxiety affects him.

He hides it very well. I think it’s so common that people who feel the worst show their feelings the least. It’s something that you really don’t want to share with others, says Malte, underlining that the issues highlighted in the film is the reality of so many young people today.

#will also touches on the subject of how boys often are expected to be stereotypically tough and macho.


Young teenage boys are often described as either macho or ‘weak’, but there are so many humble boys who actually want to stand up against macho culture. They may not always get the support they need, though, neither from friends or from grown-ups. Therefore it felt very important to make a film about a pretty nice guy who takes a stand against sexism, says Per Sundström at Chimney, who directed the film with help from the very experienced children och youth filmmaker Catti Edfeldt.

The film is co-produced by Jon Mankell at Chimney Stockholm, where all the post-production was made.

See the interview with Per, Catti and Malte on the Swedish TV show “Nyhetsmorgon” below where they talk more about their thoughts behind this very important film.

Swedish schools can find the film through Filmcentrum, just follow this link.

#Will in Nyhetsmorgon