Chimneys sound supervisor Mattias Eklund is nominated for the prestigious polish Eagle awards for the work in “Spoor” (“Pokot” in polish) by legendary director Agnieszka Holland.

“Spoor was a great project and I think the sound turned out pretty dope. The thing with the story is that you never really know what part the animals has played and the presence of the nature was to be very alive and dynamic, the woods and fields turning into characters of their own side by side with the humans in the movie.

One of my all time favorite sounds is featured a lot in Spoor – the sound of the distant red fox. I could write a book of this sound alone really, it has such character and amazes me every time. In less than a second it captures the desperate, horrifying beauty that is life itself and added in the right manner it really adds a organic & a bit scary vibe to whatever it´s used in. The sound editor Sandra Karlsson and I used it to really build up tension and give the nature it´s own voice in the movie.” Mattias says.

Spoor Trailer


Mattias has currently just finished Jonas Åkerlunds black metal bulldozer “Lords of Chaos” & Guy Pearce/Pierce Brosnan-thriller “Spinning Man” and is in the start up phase of a US Comedy alongside Mårlind/Stein´s new swedish feature “Swoon”.

The Polish Eagle awards takes place the 26th of March in Warsaw.