“Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection”

In collaboration with TED Conferences, we are proud to release this short animated film celebrating girls and women around the globe in honor of International Women’s Day.

With audio from Reshma Saujani’s 2016 TED Talk, Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection, TED’s goal was to create a memorable and approachable story to teach girls that they will be loved and accepted not for being perfect, but for being courageous.

Chimney’s Design Lead Abigail Kim breathed incredible life into the look and feel of the film with imperfect-yet-beautiful painted textures and a carefully controlled color palette that keeps the focus on the message and adds a human touch to the characters and their story. The visual narrative taps into the powerful imagination of a little girl and brings a sense of immediacy to the underlying message: we must give women the tools early in life to develop courage, insightful thinking, and leadership – and to embrace imperfection as a form of those very traits.

The Talent

Client: TED (Kristin Wheeler, Creative Producer)
TED Partner: Ultimate Software

Creative Director: Sean Eno
Designer: Abigail Kim
Executive Producer: Dana Bonomo
Animation: Travis Blain
Music: “We Go Beyond” by Yi Nantiro
Audio Mix: Casey Chester