We are a Creation Studio. Our goal, the outcome and our promise is one and the same: to create and deliver relevant experiences that will engage your audience, on any platform, in any market, at scale and high velocity.

We Create to Engage. We’ve been saying it officially for the last 7 years – but actually doing it for over 20.

With roots in the production industry, entertainment and engagement are and will always be in our DNA. And we believe this separates us from the average partner. We already know that the world’s most amazing brands have a lot more in common with Oscar-winning films and Golden Globe recipients than you might think. Feature films and TV series aim to draw audiences in and trigger emotional responses – and today more than ever, all brands must do the same. At the end of the day, we’re all consumers craving impact. Our unique background means we know just how to transform stories into memorable experiences that don’t just convert, but also have the power to make your brand equity soar. And we do this more smartly than most. Our longstanding reputation attracts some of the world’s top creatives, whom we nurture in our world-class studios. We stay on top of innovation – often spearheading it ourselves – and arm ourselves with truly useful tech solutions. From pioneering digital color correction as early as the 90s to experimenting with VR over a decade ago, innovation has always been at the heart of Chimney Vigor’s work. We cut through the noise. We understand the growing need for (much) more and (much) better content, so we use the latest tech and tried, tested, and true methods to make processes easier, simpler, smoother, and ultimately more cost-efficient – allowing more time and space to spark creativity and optimize engagement at scale. Two birds, one very effective stone.

Start with a plan

Our expert strategists give you a turn-key plan on how to structure and set-up an Ongoing Brand Activation pipeline that enables a continuous flow of relevant content for all your channels and target audiences.

The end result is a comprehensive annual Content Calendar and financial and organizational set up to enable Ongoing Brand Activation for all your communications.

Get the work done

We believe the best work is handled under one roof. We combine editorial expertise and film skills with analytics and distribution knowledge to fulfill your every marketing need—within both communications and entertainment.

Take advantage of our full package to seamlessly cater to all your communications needs. We work with B2C, B2B, Internal, HR, CSR, Investor Relations and with any given target audience and market, worldwide—but we can also focus in on a single area of communication or market.

Our diverse content studio includes writers, editors, film producers, designers, digital specialists and strategists—the list goes on. We develop your brand, identify the best channels and deliver solid, engaging content.

Don’t stop there

With Creative Asset Optimization, we scale your campaigns into large amount of creative content destined for target groups in different channels and markets. Thanks to our vast experience, we ensure quality and creativity, while eliminating rounds of revisions to save your precious time.

Now make it soar

We know you need more and better content. So we are reshaping the media and marketing landscape with our turnkey solutions for content, ad and media management. Meet our one-of-a-kind DAM, Edisen.