Futuristic Subway Scene

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For this amazing video, directed by Johan Sandberg and Henrik Timonen for H&M, we were challenged to help them realize their vision in creating a futuristic subway scene. After location scouting for what seemed to be forever without finding the perfect spot we came up with another solution for this ambitious project.

Chimney decided to create it all in CG and independent of props. The timing was challenging since the campaign launch could not be moved even though we took on 10 times more work than originally planned. We set off to supervise on set and liar scan all locations. Parallel with the shoot we had a team working 24/7 spreading the work between our offices in different time zones.

The final result was over expectation according to our client H&M and the directors. They got full freedom on set and did not have to limit themselves to props or sets.

The Talent

VFX: Chimney