The 100-year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared

This film was made with many VFX shots, probably more than you might think at start. Have a look at this VFX breakdown to find out what we did:

the 101 year old man who skipped out on the bill and disappeared

Chimney was awarded the opportunity to take full rein of the post production of the sequel to Felix Herngrens international success story, the ”Hundred year old who climbed out the window and disappeared”. The greatest challenge of this project was to do the whole project in just four months.

Through smart, engaging and creative project management at Chimney, we were able to reduce the 18 weeks of sound editing to only six weeks and also to get all 250 VFX shots ready for the premiere in less than four weeks time. None of this could of course be done without the always hardworking and dedicated creative team at Chimney – this was a true team effort!

Again we prove that Chimney always delivers high quality, even under extremely tight deadlines. The movie became the most viewed in cinemas during 2016 in Sweden. We are also very happy with our collaboration with the directors Felix and Måns Herngren and of course the producer Malte Forssell as well. Worth mentioning is that it won the most prestigious film award in Sweden, called Guldbaggen, for best VFX effects. Hurray for us!