Welcome Jenny Stamming Reinisch, new head of Chimney Gothenburg

We’re strengthening the team in Gothenburg! Jenny Stamming Reinisch celebrates 20 years in the communication industry by joining Chimney. During her career, she has launched and run advertising agencies, worked as a project and production manager and for the past seven years she has worked as a brand strategist with everything from engineering firms to retail chains.

“Today I know how developing brands can grow a business and result in an incredible effect on the bottom line.”

Welcome! Who are you? Give us an elevator pitch!

Parent, business strategist and equestrian (competing in jumping). I live south of Gothenburg by the sea with my family. I am happy, driven and have both feet on the ground.

What are you going to do here?

I’m head of Chimney in Gothenburg and I’ll be working to increase our presence in the western and southern parts of Sweden. Simply put I’ll be looking to find new and exciting opportunities and let the Gothenburg office grow with them.

What attracted you to Chimney?

Motion is the new black, and I feel Chimney has what the market needs. Many agencies develop skills in motion, but Chimney has it in its DNA. At Chimney, our clients can enjoy the same competence that works with Madonna’s music videos and Oscar-winning films in their own communication. One of the biggest challenges today is to reach target audiences and to make them feel something, so we have to think differently and try out new paths – and that’s what we do at Chimney every day.

How do you see our possibilities to develop in Gothenburg?

In Gothenburg, Chimney is best known for its high-quality work in series and feature films, but also for our post production in commercials. The challenge, but also the opportunity, is to actively go out and meet companies in the region and talk about a new type of agency, a Creation Agency, which can help companies reach their goals in the new media landscape in a smart way. In the short term, the focus is on developing and defining our offer.

Not everyone is familiar with what a Creation Agency does. Is that a challenge?

Yes, it’s always tough to go out and talk about a new way of looking at communication. But I believe in doing something in a new way rather than to be number two or three in an existing one. While we meet our clients with great humility for their challenges, opportunities and knowledge about communication, we will challenge them by coming up with solutions and suggestions for forms of collaboration that can feel new but which we know will provide real value. So I think we have great possibilities to grow in Gothenburg and its surrounding areas 🙂

Continuing to build the beautiful Chimney spirit in Gothenburg is also a focus of mine. We have many fantastic employees here in Gothenburg and I want everyone to be involved and feel that they develop and like it here. Actually, I want them to love it here!

When we develop brands we usually talk about finding the brand’s ”secret sauce”, the unique selling point, or USP. What would you say is yours?

I think my secret sauce is that I love to create business value for my clients, which often means that I challenge company managers to see their company from the outside, ie from the client perspective. The other ingredient is that I love people. We always work in teams, both at Chimney but also with the client, and to truly enjoy working with others gives me energy and joy. So that is also an important ingredient in my secret sauce.


Jenny would love to hear from you! Contact her at jenny.stamming@chimneygroup.com