We love young brands with ambition

Whatifi approached Chimney to help make their super-ambitious live, interactive theater experience digital. We obliged by launching their interactive entertainment/gaming storytelling app which also allows users to socialize with others while choosing their very own adventure party!

Challenge: creating unskippable content

How can we create ads with the purpose of driving new users to the app and create engaging content to a target audience with notoriously short attention spans (teens and college students)? We needed to make the target audience curious about the app and sign up to check it out! What better way than to utilize the in-app content?

Maximizing engagement at scale

Born in the entertainment industry, bringing stories to life is what we have been doing since day one. To attract and retain users in the app, our award-winning editors worked their magic on the content to maximize storytelling and engagement. One single film in the app has 64 (!) possible endings. Good thing handling volumes and volumes of content while staying on brand is our expertise.