Terry Gilliam’s new film THE ZERO THEOREM is now completed. In this film, Christoph Waltz plays a computer wizard who works at home because he cannot stand people or the modern world. He isolates himself, trying to prove the “zero theorem” – which basically says: all is for nothing.

“He is positively trying to prove a negative, but life intervenes and he may or may not discover his soul by the end of the movie. He’s waiting for a phone call that’s going to give meaning to his life, which applies to many of us, especially those of in the film industry who often wait to hear if we’ve got a piece of casting or financing.” says Terry Gilliam

The World Premiere will take place during the 70th Venice International Film Festival – more specifically on September 2nd. THE ZERO THEOREM will also be in competition for the Golden Lion. This is very exciting for Chimney and we look forward to seeing the result of all the post production work we have done for this movie.